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Cornard Healthcare Limited

Cornard Healthcare Limited (CHL) was formed in 2010 to develop and market its range of Telephone Psychological Therapy (TPT) products. It works with qualified partners in psychological therapy, IT and telecoms to provide the best available stepped-care therapeutic choices for service-users and the most adaptable cost-effective solution for NHS service commissioners.

CHL recognised that there had long been a clear need for service-users to have more immediate access to better treatment choice for low threshold psychological presentations. Meeting that demand is now specially challenging at a time when minor mental health problems are becoming more common and there is a requirement to direct NHS resources in the most cost-effective manner with an emphasis on well-being, innovation and prevention.

The core concept of TPT arose from a realisation that the low-cost and universally available technology of the telephone system could be used to deliver psychological therapies to users wherever and whenever their need arose at a fraction of the cost of more conventional treatment.

The company is privately owned by the directors and other shareholders. It is not part of, nor does it own any other organisation.


Cornard Healthcare Limited is committed to the concept of patient-centred care and providing the best and most cost-effective solution for all stakeholders. All the TPT products are based on proven, evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy techniques and are written and/or reviewed by a Consultant Clinical Psychologist.