Conard Healthcare Limitied
from Cornard Healthcare Limited
Therapy when and where access is most needed

How the TPT system works

  • Patients call a free telephone number
  • Voice prompts from an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) telephone system guide users through a psycho-education, treatment and recovery programme including graded exposure and behavioural experiments
  • Patients can tailor the IVR programme to their own presentation and circumstances
  • TPT is available to patients wherever they are and at all times of the day and night
  • Different psycho-educational scripts (modules) treat different common mental health problems
  • Text messages give feedback, reinforcement and reminders to encourage and motivate the service-user
  • No supervision by a therapist is required

Advantages of TPT

  • Affordable
    • Free at the point of use for the service-user
    • Around 25% of the cost of alternative means of delivery
  • Effective
    • Treats growing group of previously under-served patients with mild mental health problems
    • Evidence-based treatment
  • Accessible
    • Only a phone-call away and available anywhere 24/7
    • Breaks through barriers of literacy, language and culture
    • No waiting list
Independent of language, literacy and location