Conard Healthcare Limitied
from Cornard Healthcare Limited
Therapy when and where access is most needed

Benefits for service-users

  • Immediate access to appropriate therapy
    • Never any waiting list for TPT
    • No deterioration of condition on waiting list
    • Earlier recovery and return to work
  • Accessibility
    • Available at all times of day or night
    • Portable
    • Does not need a high level of literacy
    • Translatable for BME community
    • Opportunities to share information with their carers
    • Free at the point of use
    • TPT is independent of language, literacy and location
  • TPT modules give the service-user
    • Enhanced choice of intervention
    • Psycho-education and self-management resources
    • Understanding of their experience
    • Strategies for coping
    • Short, manageable sessions
    • No need for manuals or workbooks
    • Self-empowerment
    • Confidential, non-stigmatising service